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Professional services

We offer end-to-end land acquisition, planning and development solutions using some of the UK’s leading specialists.

As independent land acquisition, planning and development specialists, all of our services are available individually on a consultancy basis or as part of a cohesive development planning strategy.

We have established an extensive network of likeminded professionals that we collaborate with and utilise for each individual planning case. This network is made up of Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Arboriculturists, Local Planning Consultants and other Development Professionals.

Whatever your objectives, we’re here to act as your trusted planning and development partners.


Our professional services include…

No two sites are the same. And no two land owners have exactly the same objectives. It therefore stands to reason that a “one size fits all” approach cannot work within such a complex landscape. LandQuest takes an objective approach to the process, including our land owners and clients at every step of the way. Site assessments and studies are key to this collaborative model, considering all of the micro and macro aspects of the development site and how it fits into the surrounding locale. Different options are put forward and considered in order to optimise value and maximise the chances of successful planning approval.

Securing planning permission calls for highly informed strategic advice – especially on sites lying outside or on the periphery of settlement areas. With extensive experience and industry knowledge, LandQuest is ideally placed to offer authoritative advice and consultancy services to identify the exact nature of a development most likely to achieve not only planning consent, but also the highest market value.

What does success look like? Having established a thorough understanding of the site in question and the detailed objectives of the client, LandQuest’s’ team of planning specialists, designers and architects will draw up a series of different design concepts. These will form the basis of a dialogue between all interested parties, including local authorities, neighbours and the community, to establish which proposals best meet local needs and satisfy the most requirements.

LandQuest assess a prospective site from multiple viewpoints – from the angle of planning policy to the commercial perspective of the corporate housebuilder. Armed with this expertise, we are able to put forward the right proposal, most likely to achieve the twin objectives of planning consent and market demand. We will then manage the entire process from start to finish, coordinating all the relevant consultants ensuring success for all involved. We tailor our services to meet your precise needs and circumstances.

Our detailed market research and analysis capabilities enable us to advise on demographics and how these play into the planning process, forming the basis of targeted strategic advice. Without proper market research and analysis, the very real risk exists of pursuing a development proposal with limited commercial viability. By identifying the solution that addresses market needs first and foremost, land owners are able to proceed confident in the knowledge that, with planning consent obtained, their scheme has maximised its value and its associated market appeal.

So, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a development site, our acquisition and valuation advice provides an invaluable viewpoint with an independent perspective. Equally, if you already have a valuation and wish to seek a second opinion, LandQuest is uniquely qualified to offer an informed assessment and independent advice.

Throughout the process of preparing our application no stone was left unturned and we were kept fully informed every step of the way. Darren closely managed all aspects of the planning process selecting architects, consultants and engineers, dealing with the planning authority when required.  Darren remained calm and professional at all times, ensuring the entire process was as stress free as possible for us. Costs and performance were tightly controlled throughout.

Mr & Mrs Pratt, The Grey House, North Boarhunt

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